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Smart Barlights

  • Smart barlights with built-in controller for direct camera connection
  • High luminosity over long distances
  • Switchable between constant lighting and overdrive lighting
  • Collective control of daisy-chain connection of up to three units via a single trigger
  • External light intensity control and ON/OFF control
  • Available in the light colours red and white
  • IP67 model available for use in difficult environments

3 Reasons for CCS LDLB

You want minimum mechanical effort when using your illumination system

Most of the time illumination systems can only be installed at a very short working distance from the test object. This leaves little room for handling making it necessary to position the illumination first. The CCS LDLB allows a larger working distance between illumination and test object leaving enough space for repositioning if necessary.

Your benefit:

  • You have enough space for handling your illumination.
You want to precisely control multiple illumination units in a daisy-chain

If you want to connect multiple CCS LDLB units in a daisy-chain you only need a single trigger for control. All units are controlled by the same signal.

Your benefits:

  • You can easily synchronise multiple units.
  • You have less programming work as only a single trigger has to be defined.
You want simple cabling

The CCS LDLB can be connected directly with the camera without using an external controller. In addition, when using multiple illumination systems the units are connected via short cable sections. There is only one central connection for the trigger source.

Your benefit:

  • You need less cabling.


  • Length of illumination area: 300 mm
  • Power consumption:
    • Light colour red: max. 24 W
    • Light colour white: max. 31 W
  • Input voltage: 24 VDC
  • Input current:
    • Continuous mode: max. 1.3 A
    • Overdrive mode: max. 6 A
  • Intensity control:
    • Manual: Set any of 100 steps via the setting switch.
    • External: Analog voltage(0 V to +10 V)

Markets and Applications

  • Automotive: Checking adhesive residues on door panels
  • Packaging: Checking cardboard in beverage containers
  • Traceability: Barcode reading on assembly lines for product verification
  • Shipping: Barcode reading on bottle pallets for completeness check

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