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JAI Fusion

Dual sensor area scan camera for multispectral, HDR or PIV

The JAI Fusion series uses dual sensor prism technology to offer unique technical solutions. The camera is available in a variety of sensor combinations, such as monochrome/monochrome, colour/colour or visible-infrared and near-infrared (NIR).

The multispectral models enable simultaneous analysis on and under the surface of an object by capturing both visible and NIR. The high dynamic range (HDR) models use two monochrome sensors on the optical prism, with precise alignment on the same optical axis with an accuracy of a quarter pixel.

With two monochrome sensors, the two exposure limits can also be expanded to three or four exposures. This information can then be used to implement a system performing particle image velocimetry (PIV).

Reasons to select the JAI Fusion

Two-in-one camera

The JAI Fusion offers functionality which otherwise would require two or more cameras, within a single system.

High quality HDR images

The dual sensor HDR design enables capturing fully linear high dynamic range images without compression. Noise can be suppressed to an absolute minimum.


  • Sensor: various models
  • Resolution: up to 1296 x 966 pixel and 30 fps with full resolution
  • Bit depth: 10 bit or 8 bit output for NIR
  • Features: separate AGC (automatic gain controle) for each channel, simultaneously captures visible and NIR through the same optical path, two colour sensors for high quality HDR images
  • I/O: programmable GPIO with opto-isolated inputs and outputs
  • Interface: CameraLink or GigE Vision  

Markets and Applications

  • Inspection of organic items such as fruit and vegetables with visible/NIR
  • Currency and checks control with visible/NIR
  • Textile and plastic inspection with visible/NIR * LED inspection, welding, glass inspection and solar panel manufacturing with visible/NIR, monochrome/monochrome or colour/colour
  • Traffic applications with monochrome/monochrome for HDR

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CameraLink interface


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2-CCD multi-spectral imaging color camera with GigE Vision, IR

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GigE interface


2-CCD multi-spectral imaging color camera with GigE Vision

  • 1 x 1/3" Color line transfer CCD Sensor with Bayer-Filter
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Monochrome high dynamic range area scan camera, Gigabit Ethernet
Two sensors can be synchronised for high dynamic range
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