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Ricoh lenses for 2 megapixel cameras - High resolution and compact design

Ricoh provides a range of compact lenses for imaging and machine vision. These lenses have been specially developed to meet the growing demand for greater resolution detail and enhanced contrast while also minimising the physical size. They are therefore primarily intended for use with the high resolution megapixel cameras.

For General Machine Vision Applications

However, these lenses also provide noticeably improved image quality in conventional tasks involved in general machine vision applications, providing a reliable optical basis for error-free image analysis. These include tasks such as completeness checking, surface analysis, contour measurements and numerous other applications in the field of robotics where compact designs and low weight are particularly important.

Focal Lengths

The range comprises focal lengths between 6mm and 75mm. All lenses in the series have an external diameter of 29.5mm and a uniform filter thread of M27 x 0.5, with the exception of the 75mm lens which has a diameter of 34mm and an M30.5 x 0.5 filter thread.


Small, compact, fixed focal length lenses for high resolution and high contrast, available in focal lengths between 12mm and 75mm

  • Various fields of view
  • Various apertures
  • Various focus distances
  • Diameter: 29.5mm or (34mm for the 75mm lens)
  • Filter thread: M27 x 0.5 (M30.5 x 0.5 for the 75mm lens)
  • Focus and aperture rings can be attached
  • C-mount camera connection

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Model Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size (mm) Manufacturer
RICOH FL-CC0614A-2M C-mount 100 6.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC0814A-2M C-mount 100 8.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC1214A-2M C-mount 100 12.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC1614-2M C-mount 250 16.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC1614A-2M C-mount 100 16.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC2514-2M C-mount 250 25.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC2514A-2M C-mount 100 25.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC3516-2M C-mount 400 35.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC5024A-2M C-mount 300 50.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC5028-2M C-mount 900 50.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-CC7528-2M C-mount 700 75.0 2/3" Ricoh
RICOH FL-HC0614-2M C-mount 100 6.0 1/2" Ricoh
RICOH FL-HC1214-2M C-mount 250 12.0 1/2" Ricoh
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