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Vieworks VNP

Pixel shift camera with thermoelectric Peltier cooling (TEC)

The Vieworks VNP series unites the primary technological advantages of the VN and VP cameras models. The combination of pixel shift and thermoelectric cooling technology creates a new kind of camera family.

The VNP series is not only designed for applications which require exceptionally high resolutions, but also where extremely high image quality is essential. As the TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD up to 20° C below ambient temperature, noise can be reduced significantly.


  • Sensor: ON Semiconductor progressive scan interline transfer CCD image sensor
  • Resolution: up to 427 megapixel
  • Features: nano stage pixel shift mechanism, improved fill factor, flat field correction, field upgradable firmware, pixel defect correction, allows long time exposure for increased sensitivity
  • Lens mount: F-mount, customized mounts available upon request
  • Interface: CameraLink, CoaXPress
  • Software: compatible with Common Vision Blox
  • Cooling: thermoelectric peltier cooling keeping temperature 20° C below ambient

Markets and Applications

  • Flat panel inspection
  • Semiconductor and electronics inspection tasks
  • Scanning and digitizing of documents and film material
  • Scientific imaging and research

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer Sensor format
VIEWORKS VNP-190MX-M10A0-M72 420.8 10 CoaXPress M72 CCD 8856 5280 Vieworks Large format
VIEWORKS VNP-29MC-C5A0-FM 28.8 5 CameraLink F-mount CCD 6576 4384 Vieworks Large format
VIEWORKS VNP-29MC-M5A0-FM 259 5 CameraLink F-mount CCD 6576 4384 Vieworks Large format
File Topics Size
VNP Series Manual | 1.3
4.8 MB
VP Series Manual | 1.7
3.3 MB
Vieworks VNP-29MC
Data sheets
1.9 MB