Machine Vision Cameras - STEMMER IMAGING


All types of camera, from area or line scan to

specialist solutions

VRmagic C

USB 2.0 cameras with housing

  • USB 2.0 cameras with CCD or CMOS sensors in compact aluminium housing
  • Also available as board level version without housing
  • Monochrome or colour variants
  • Non-restrictive access to sensor raw data
  • Time stamps and frame counter


  • C PRO series:
    • CCD sensors from Sony or CMOS sensors from CMOSIS and Aptina
    • Hard or soft trigger
    • Robust housing of anodised aluminium
    • Resolutions from 0.3 megapixel (VGA) up to 4 megapixel
    • Lens: C mount (flange focal length adjustable)
  • C+ PRO series:
    • CMOS sensors from Aptina and ON Semiconductors
    • Soft trigger
    • Compact aluminium housing
    • Resolutions from 0.3 megapixel (VGA) up to 3 megapixel
    • Lens: C/CS mount


  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Compatible with Common Vision Blox

Inlcuded in delivery

  • USB AB cable (2 m)
  • Software development kit (SDK)
  • VRmagic CamLab for camera control and image acquisition


  • Freely programmable timing control
  • Power supply via USB, therefore no separate power supply needed
  • Sensor size:
    • Single sensor: 1/3'' up to 1''
    • Remote single and multi sensor: 1/3'' up to 1/2''
  • Pixel size up to 6.0 x 6.0 µm
  • USB interface: mini B

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VRmagic C VRmFC-22/C-Pro and VRmFC-22/BW-Pro
Data sheets
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VRmagic C VRmFC-42/C-Pro and VRmFC-42/BW-Pro
Data sheets
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