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VRmagic IS3

Industrial surveillance Full-HD IP camera

The VRmagic IS3 system is the optimal solution for visual process monitoring, be it with respect to production processes or company premises. The system consists of any number of IS3 cameras, which are connected to the Ethernet network. Depending on the system configuration and bandwidth, multiple video streams can be watched simultaneously.

Reasons to choose the VRmagic IS3

Small camera with high resolution streaming

With its compact profile, the IS3 camera fits into the smallest spaces. It delivers a high definition MJPEG colour video via real-time transport protocol (RTP). The video may be embedded into SCADA systems or used in many other applications.

Interchangeable C/CS/S-mount lenses

Optics play a crucial role in image quality. The IS3 camera is therefore available with an S-mount or a C/CS-mount, so you can choose the optimum optical solution for the given application.

Easy installation

The PoE power supply via standard Ethernet cable offers the greatest possible flexibility and enables an easy installation in the field.The system is up and running with minimum time effort.

Uncomplicated setup

The IS3 system consists of at least one IS3 camera and the IS3 server application, which must be installed on a PC within the network. The server application automatically connects to all IS3 cameras in the network and manages the communication and video transmission between the cameras and external applications. To view the video streams provided by the IS3 cameras from any PC in the network, and to test the camera settings, the IS3 client application can be used. Client and server application may be installed on the same PC.

Based on standard Ethernet with cable lengths up to 100 m

Connect the IS3 camera to the network using any standard or cable chain certified Ethernet cable of up to 100 m in length. The cable transmits the video data and supplies the camera via Power over Ethernet (PoE).


  • Lens mount: C/CS-mount or S-mount lenses
  • Interface: IP Unicast RTP (Ethernet)
  • Power supply: Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Software: comfortable camera configuration via IS3 client application
  • Dimensions: small camera housing with 29 x 29 mm profile

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer Sensor format
VRMAGIC IS3-S-PRO 2.0 30.0 Gigabit Ethernet S-Mount CMOS 1920 1080 VRmagic 1/2.7"


Starter kit for IS3 process surveillance camera includes:

  • Power adapter (Power cord) 150 mm
  • PoE Injector 20 W
  • Ethernetcable Cat5 ...