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STEMMER IMAGING helps you achieve your machine vision project with speed and ease. Our comprehensive product portfolio covers the entire range of imaging systems - from simple entry-level to complex high-performance level.

What can we do for you? Get to know our services for your imaging project!


STEMMER IMAGING does not install vision systems in the factory. For end users that wish to have a bespoke vision system installed and don't have the in-house expertise we collaborate with a number of experienced systems integrators.

These integrators have a proven record of accomplishment on their area of speciality and have in-depth experience in our technology. Please contact our sales team so that we can assist in defining your requirements and put you in touch with the best integrator for your application.


Our experts are on hand to help you to undertake the system design of your application. We use the world's leading machine vision suppliers who are vetted by us to ensure product quality, fast lead times and a robust life cycle policy.

Our product strategy group ensures we are familiar with all the emerging technologies and test these in context with existing approaches so we can give impartial advice. Our systems design service is tuned to what you need and can range from simple component selections through to a complete system architecture design encompassing hardware and software.


For OEMs who do not have the in-house vision expertise but see the need for machine vision inside a machine, our development services group can undertake the complete system development including hardware and software.

All projects are undertaken under our ISO 9001-2015 quality process and follow PRINCE 2 guidelines. After the initial development, we then deliver components or pre-configured subsystems, which you install in your products, purchased at component OEM prices. Our service covers the full lifecycle and includes post design service dealing with system changes and component changes.


Sometimes a standard product will not quite fit physically or may need a tweak with its functionality. Our integration team have access to manufacturer's technical information, which allows us to take standard products and modify them to meet a particular requirement while maintaining the full warranty.

Sometimes this also includes the addition of supplementary circuitry to ensure an easy integration on existing systems or the repackaging or removal of housings


Our advanced integration service configures all components, labels all cables and undertakes a full system performance test and burn-in prior to shipment.

The vision system disk image is built including all imaging libraries and even your own application software and is stored using our embedded recovery system set-up as agreed during the system design phase. Easy replication and recovery is possible reducing your production and support time.


Our integration department can pre-configure and assemble components to reduce time in your own production.

This service can range from a simple fitting of a lens to the camera in a cleanroom and pre-set the lens to an agreed focus aperture, right the way through to delivering a complete assembly with integrated light, camera, lens and even including environmental cooling or heating, fully documented and even CE tested.


Our support goes far beyond the expected post-sales support. We offer leading on-site consultancy as you design the system and then after delivery we keep you informed as individual components progress through their lifecycle ensuring there are minimal support issues with obsolete products.

For OEM customers with repeat subsystem orders we undertake post design engineering ensuring any changes required to a system are made well before the end of component's life.