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From a film producer to a global high tech corporation: Fujifilm was founded 80 years ago as a photographic film manufacturer. The company diversified its business in response to emerging customer needs by capitalising on the technologies it had developed through photographic film and today is among the leaders in each of its businesses.

Today the group is globally active in the three fields of imaging solutions, which handle products including cameras, Fujinon branded "optical devices" and photo papers, information solutions, which provide equipment and materials to advanced medical, printing, liquid crystal display and related fields, and document solutions, which are responsible for copy machine- and digital printing related products and services.

The Fujinon brand is world-renowned for its innovative and reliable products in the field of broadcast & cine lenses, binoculars, CCTV lenses, machine vision applications as well as for special custom made optical products, for example those used in digital projectors, automobiles and in many other applications.

CCTV and machine vision lenses

The extensive product range of Fujinon CCTV and machine vision lenses features the appropriate solution for almost every application. The Japanese manufacturer offers a continuously growing product range of high resolution megapixel zoom and varifocal lenses for security applications in HD quality. Lenses for machine vision are precise optics with minimised distortion for optimal image qualtiy – even in harsh environments. Special lenses round off the wide product range, like infrared-coated lenses for day & night, lenses for 3CCD cameras or blindspot-free 360° panomorph lenses. You no longer miss anything with Fujinon lenses.



Fujinon HF-XA-1F

5 megapixel lenses with 2/3" to 1/1.2" image circles with Anti Shock & Vibration technology

Fujinon CF-ZA-1S

Designed for large sensor cameras with a maximum resolution of 23 MP and maximum image circle of 1.1".

Fujinon CF-HA

Lenses suited to large sensors and low light conditions

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Fujinon CF12.5HA-1 Data sheets 112.7 KB
Fujinon H50SA-1 Data sheets 240.3 KB
Fujinon HF35HA-1B Data sheets 119.0 KB
Fujinon HF35SA-1 Data sheets 228.5 KB
Fujinon HF50HA-1B Data sheets 112.8 KB
Fujinon HF75HA-1B Data sheets 112.7 KB
Fujinon HF75SA-1 Data sheets 113.9 KB
Fujinon-HF25SA-1 Data sheets 112.4 KB

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High performance lenses for use with 1.1” image sensors


The new Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series of ultrahigh resolution lenses has been introduced for high precision inspection and measurement applications using cameras featuring 1.1” image sensors. Satisfying the growing popularity for these larger diameter sensors with a small 2.5 µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 Mpixels), the new range contains lenses with focal lengths from 8 to 50 mm.

New Fujinon machine vision lenses for 3 megapixels and 2/3” format


The new Fujinon HF-XA megapixel lens series from Fujifilm maintains high resolution across the entire image even with change of aperture and working distance.

New Fujinon 3CCD lenses


Fujinon have extended their range with two new 2 megapixel lenses, specifically designed for use with 3CCD or CMOS cameras with 1/3" sensor.

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