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Phlox develops and commercialises advanced backlight technology products for instrumentation backlighting and industrial illumination markets.

Their technology is found in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) used in civil and military aeronautic applications, and in industrial machine vision where their unique technology delivers high intensity, highly even lighting in a very low profile design.

Since its creation in 1996, Phlox engineers have used their knowledge and experience to develop products of unequalled performance - delivering higher luminance, better uniformity and longer life cycles than other backlighting techniques. This innovation has been rewarded on several occasions by awards for technological excellence and is manifested in the company philosophy: 'Combining the best that men and technologies have to offer in the promise of solutions for the varied applications of our clients.'



Phlox IFC

Backlight with integrated driver


High intensity LED backlight with sophisticated diffuser design for perfect uniformity.

Phlox OA

Coaxial light with high uniformity and luminance, passively cooled.

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PHLOX Backlight HSC 100x100 Data sheets 150.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight HSC 200x200 Data sheets 144.6 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 20x20 Data sheets 153.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 50x50 Data sheets 164.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight RGB 200x200 Data sheets 150.1 KB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 100x100 Data sheets 179.7 KB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 200x200 Data sheets 170.0 KB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 50x50 Data sheets 133.3 KB

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