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Phrontier Technologies

For over a decade Phrontier Technologies LLC has been the leading provider of high-speed fibre optic products and solutions for machine vision.

Phrontier continuously develops and produces innovative and high quality fibre optic extension systems that easily allow image transmittion distances up to 80 km. Due to their robust metal enclosures, they are highly suitable for rough industrial environments. Phrontier has also developed a series of USB 3.0 products and active cables to extend the superspeed USB 3.0 connection beyond the typical 3 metres reach limit.

  • Standalone fibre extenders
  • Direct plug-in compact adapters
  • CameraLink repeaters, splitters, and switches
  • CWDM mux/deMux solutions for slip ring and multi-camera applications
  • OEM solutions
  • USB products comply with USB 3.0 specs and are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices and platforms
Phrontier PHANTA

CameraLink multiplexer

Phrontier PHORTE

Easy to use CoaXPress fibre extenders for up to 80 km

Phrontier PHORCE

USB 3.0 fibre extender

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