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Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) was founded in 2007 in West Michigan and quickly developed into a leading developer and manufacturer of highperformance LED illumination systems with integrated current drive and IP rating.

All products are especially designed for the needs of industrial machine vision. SVL products are equipped with high-power LEDs and contain integrated current drivers delivering stable current control from industry standard 24 V power making easy direct connection to our range of smart cameras. Smart Vision Lights puts emphasis on outstanding design and perfect manufacturing and guarantees that all LED illuminators produced by SVL fulfil the highest demands.

SVL's comprehensive product range consists of spot lights, bar lights, front lights, ring lights and structured lights, all meeting IP68 requirements with customer specific versions available. Almost all illuminators use standard M12 cabling compatible with smart cameras and require 24 VDC.

SVL's strength is based on the company philosophy of combining intelligent illumination systems with attractive features that can be easily integrated into imaging solutions.

All SVL lights come with a 5 year warranty, except the UV versions for which the warranty is 2 years.

Smart Vision Lights MOBL RGBW

Four colours in one backlight, with a built-in driver and industry-grade connector

Smart Vision Lights LLM

A programmable LED Light Manager that addresses the lighting control needs of multi-light machine vision solutions, including photometric 3D and multispectral.

Smart Vision Lights SX30

Powerful single LED spot with various configuration options.

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New LED Lighting Management System


The new programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights provides lighting sequencing for multilight machine vision applications, including photometric 3D and multispectral inspection. The LLM can drive up to four lights of virtually any type or up to four individual zones or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution.

Miniature ring light for radial and bright field applications


The RMX Series of compact ring lights from Smart Vision Lights features a silicone lens and is optimised for radial and bright field applications. With working distances of 100–500 mm, they can be used in a variety of markets and industries. Extremely small and lightweight, the lights can be used even where there are severe mounting restrictions.

SWIR LED options added to line and spot light ranges


The LXE300 Direct Connect line light and Connect-a-Light line light, Prox spot light and Brick spot light ranges of machine vision lights from Smart Vision Lights are now available in SWIR (Short Wavelength InfraRed) wavelengths. This opens up an extensive number of application opportunities not possible using visible light.

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