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Vision Components

After more than 25 years of experience in developing industrial cameras, Vision Components still pushing the development of the technology even further and setting new limits to what is feasible. The portfolio of cameras is so diverse that every user across the globe can find the best possible solution for their application scenario. The most common areas of application include integration into industrial production processes, quality assurance or safety equipment, measurement technology, filling control, optical character recognition, biometric access control and detecting barcodes, 2D or 3D matrix codes.

High-performance two sensor smart cameras for OEM applications


Featuring a very compact footprint as well as excellent usability, VCSBCnano Z-RH-2 series embedded cameras enable high-speed image processing in real time. Vision Components offers these ultra-small products for cost-sensitive OEM applications where installation space is limited.

Vision Components VC Z series: Smart cameras with Linux support


Vision Components has developed the VC Z series of smart cameras, their new generation with innovative hardware and software. These new products are based on Linux firmware and a new Xilinx hardware module that integrates FPGA logic and a dual core ARM processor.

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