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Imaging faster than the human eye

Reliable 24/7 print inspection

Buzzwords such as printing speeds, paper widths, colour reproduction and resolution give an idea of the high demands imposed on today's printing machines. In the packaging industry, the variety of materials and shapes poses the greatest challenges. High-performance machine vision reliably takes these hurdles and helps to avoid production rejects and to guarantee the desired quality.

JAI Sweep+: Prism-based colour line scan cameras ensure fast inspection of moving objects


JAI’s Sweep+ prism-based colour line scan cameras combine high colour fidelity with best in class resolution along with high-speed data transmission over long distances for a wide range of applications.

Short-wave infrared line scan camera to see what visible can’t


The versatile high speed, high resolution Linea SWIR from Teledyne DALSA is ideal for applications like optical sorting or for inspection tasks to detect material properties invisible to the human eye. With the Linea SWIR it is possible to detect moisture content, bruising or foreign objects in food sorting applications to increase yield, reduce waste and improve quality. Its unique cycling mode enables easy and cost effectve implementation of multispectral material classification applications.

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Improving the quality of pharmaceutical packaging components


Ensuring that rubber stoppers and plungers used in pharmaceutical vials and syringes are free from defects and contamination is of paramount importance. The iM series of modular, fully automated inspection machines manufactured by Simac Masic bv have been designed to meet that challenge.

Utilising multi-camera high-speed vision systems, developed in conjunction with STEMMER IMAGING, in combination with metal detection, they provide 100% inspection of these products and provide automatic rejection of out-of-specification product.

Aggregation in the pharmaceutical industry: product traceability via track & trace


Pharmaceutical companies achieve significant cost savings by using traceability and aggregation solutions. Moreover, they enable compliance with regulations for proof of origin and traceability of prescription drugs. A large part of these benefits result from improvements in process and supply chain efficiency. The Smart Manual Aggregation Table (SMAT) system from ISW, Industrielle Sensorsysteme Wichmann GmbH, facilitates the reliable packaging of pharmaceutical products by using machine vision from STEMMER IMAGING.

Two machine vision systems secure quality of aluminium trays


Aluminium trays are used worldwide in a wide range of shapes for packaging food. Novelis Deutschland GmbH, with the help of the system integrator, Industrielle Sensorsysteme Wichmann GmbH (ISW), and based on machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING, has produced a two-stage inspection system to check the quality of the trays.

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