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Accelerated 3D measurement

21 Jun 2012

With their automatic AOI adaptation, the Automation Technology (AT) high speed 3D cameras offer an interesting new feature.

To obtain optimal profile rates, the number of sensor cells to be read is adapted as precisely as possible to the maximum deflection of the laser line using a ‘curtain’ of laser light. This not only reduces the time for reading the image data from the sensor, but also the volume of data to be evaluated. However, a highly undulating surface distance has so far required extensive reading by the sensor which reduced measuring speed unnecessarily.

By using a novel algorithm for automatic AOI tracking, the AOI size can now be optimally adapted for continuous profile measurement even when fluctuating surfaces are encountered. In this way, the "Automatic AOI-Tracking" exploits the full potential of the Automation Technology high speed 3D cameras.

Having been originally developed only to reduce data output, the internal evaluation of the laser line can now be used for flexible positioning of the AOI during the measuring process. Thus the AOI is no longer static, but moves with the laser line, image by image. The dynamic positioning of the AOI for the following image is calculated from the mean values of the minimal and maximal deflection of the laser line and the last recorded images.

The result is a significant reduction of the AOI - which depends on the recorded object and the fluctuations of the surface distance. This has enabled the AT 3D cameras to achieve a huge increase in measuring speed without any reduction in measuring precision.

Automation Technology C4 -Smart high speed 3D cameras
  • Laser scanning sensors with very fast measurement speeds and high resolutions
  • 3D imaging using the laser scanning triangulation method
  • Smart camera architecture
Automation Technology

Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Automation Technology or AT for short, was founded in 1998 and is located in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. The company manufactures 3D cameras and sensors for fast three dimensional measurements based on the sheet-of-light triangulation principle.