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Common Vision Blox - independent image capture, also for Sherlock and VisionPro

3 Oct 2013

With their driver modules Sherlock CVB Driver and VisionPro CVB Driver, STEMMER IMAGING can now at last provide the users of these two development environments with hardware-independent image capture based on the proven technology of Common Vision Blox (CVB).

With two special tools from the Common Vision Blox (CVB) modular software library, STEMMER IMAGING now also provides users of the widely available graphic image processing software packages Sherlock by Teledyne DALSA and Cognex VisionPro with the benefit of manufacturer-independent image capture. The image capture driver modules Sherlock CVB Driver and VisionPro CVB Driver, based on CVB, allow users of both development environments to use all capturing technologies supported by CVB. The technically leading GigE?Vision implementation in CVB, which also supports cameras with LAG (Link Aggregation Group) and the GenTL-Consumer for using GenICam-compatible cameras, deserve a special mention.

Successfully used in over 30,000 industrial installations

As one of the leading programming libraries for machine vision, Common Vision Blox has been on the market since 1997 and used successfully in over 30,000 industrial installations since. One of the unique features of CVB is the concept of manufacturer and technology independent image capture which was implemented in the first version and has been refined further since its original introduction.

Only STEMMER IMAGING - Europe's leading independent technology supplier for imaging and machine vision - offers both the development of its independent software library as well as application-specific consultancy with regard to optimal hardware and software solutions from a single experienced source. This allows users to rely on universal and comprehensive technical support from image capture to image evaluation in case of queries during integration.

Teledyne DALSA Sherlock

Powerful and flexible vision application for factory automation 

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA is one of the largest companies serving the machine vision industry and is unique in that it is vertically integrated; from sensor design and manufacture, through image capture and processing, to software for imaging optimisations and analysis.