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3D imaging for embedded solutions

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AT C4-1280-GIGE

Non-contact 3D measurement in accordance with the laser-sheet of light (triangulation) method

  • Measuring speed up to 104 million 3D points per second (at 73000 profiles/s)
  • Dedicated CPU for custom image processing
  • Smart camera architecture, 1GB image memory
  • Sensor resolution: 1280 x 1024 Pixel, 10 Bit
  • Sensor size (W x H): 17.920 mm x 14.336 mm
  • Lens mount: M42 x 1
    • optical distance: 6.56 mm
  • Image processing integrated in the camera. Height profile output via GigE Vision interface
  • Configurable camera modes: image mode, profile mode
  • Selection of 3D camera algorithms: Threshold (TRSH), Maximum (MAX), Center of Gravity (COG)
  • Optional Peak and user-specific methods
  • Enhanced 3D imaging with HDR-3D
  • Configurable selection of the data output, e.g. height data or height data + intensity data
  • Genuine global snapshot shutter for accurate profiles without movement distortion (blurring)
  • Programmable number of profiles that can be merged to form a height image
  • Up to 4 freely selectable AOIs (sensor read-out window) in image and profile mode
  • Shutter-mode: global shutter
  • Flexible trigger functions for profile and image triggering
  • RS422 interface converter with programmable counter for profile trigger generation and integral identification of direction of movement
  • Data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet Interface, GenICam compliant
  • Configurable opto coupled I/Os for trigger function and synchronisation
  • Storage of a user-defined start-up camera configuration in a config EEprom
  • Integrated control for external illumination devices e.g line lasers
  • Common Vision Blox compatible
  • Incl. free licence for CVB CameraSuite MultiOS
  • Recommended cable: CABLE NET-CAT6-1^S-H-XM
  • AT CX Explorer downloadable free of charge:
Product features
Vertical res. (Px) 1024
Sensor size (mm) 23
Scan type 3D
Profiles/s 500
Pixel size (µm) 14.0
Note 3 IP67 enclosure
Note 2 Supports up to 4 AOI's
Note 1 Integrated profile algorithms
Max. profiles/s 35400
Manufacturer Automation Technology
Lens mount M42
Interface GigE Vision
Horizontal res. (Px) 1280
Configuration Camera
Bit depth 10