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Indigo Imaging high sensitivity camera

High performance low light vision sCMOS camera

The Indigo Imaging high sensitivity cameras are equipped with the latest back illuminated scientific CMOS sensors. The device contains a multitude of features in a robust housing and provides sensitive images with an quantum efficency up to 95% at 580nm.

The series has excellent imaging performance in low light conditions. The camera can take and enhance image data from e.g. starlight, moonlight and atmospheric glow.

Indigo is committed to the design and development of ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-high resolution intelligent digital imaging systems. Based on its strong innovation capability, Indigo has created a unique advantage in the fields of high-sensitivity low-light cameras and UV camera products. Indigo's products are widely used in night vision, non-destructive testing, aerospace, life sciences and many other fields.  

Reasons to choose the Indigo High Sensitivity

High resolution imaging

The camera provides high quality night vision images with a resolution of 7915 x 5436 pixels.

Ultra low readout noise

Due to the very low noise level, the sensor is able to provide excellent results in dark environments.

Image data transmission and recording in real time

The data can be captured by a host machine in real time and further improved by image preprocessing software.

Passive detection

The Indigo high sensitivity camera is able to capture low light scenes without artificial light sources, which is particularly beneficial with respect to detection concealment.


  • Sensor: scientific CMOS available with global shutter or rolling shutter
  • Resolution: flexible selection of resolutions
  • Frame rate: up to 130 fps
  • Housing: most models available in both housed and module formats

Markets and Applications

  • Ultra low light imaging
  • Security monitoring
  • Night vision
  • UV detection
  • Spectrum detection
  • Medical / forensic imaging

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer Sensor format
INDIGO IDG-4500-M-G-CL 43.0 10.0 CameraLink Nikon F-Mount, M58 x 0.75 sCMOS 7915 5436 Indigo Imaging 1.7"
INDIGO S-200-M-G-CL 2.3 130.0 CameraLink C-Mount sCMOS 2048 1152 Indigo Imaging 1"
INDIGO S-200-M-R-CL 2.3 73.0 CameraLink C-Mount sCMOS 2048 1152 Indigo Imaging 1"
INDIGO S-200-M-R-U 2.3 64.0 USB C-Mount sCMOS 2048 1152 Indigo Imaging 1"
INDIGO S-400-M-G-CL 4.2 73.0 CameraLink C-Mount sCMOS 2048 2048 Indigo Imaging 1.2"
INDIGO S-400-M-R-CL 4.2 46.0 CameraLink C-Mount sCMOS 2048 2048 Indigo Imaging 1.2"
INDIGO S-400-M-R-U 4.2 36.0 USB C-Mount sCMOS 2048 2048 Indigo Imaging 1.2"
INDIGO S-UV-M-R-U 4.2 24.0 USB M42 x 0.75 sCMOS 2048 2048 Indigo Imaging 2"
File Topics Size
Indigo Imaging IDG-4500-M-G-CL | 1.0
Data sheets
427.9 KB
Indigo Imaging S-200-M-G-CL | 1.0
Data sheets
628.6 KB
Indigo Imaging S-200-M-R-U | 1.0
Data sheets
598.5 KB
Indigo Imaging S-400-M-G-CL | 1.0
Data sheets
630.9 KB
Indigo Imaging S-400-M-R-U | 1.0
Data sheets
598.6 KB
Indigo Imaging S-UV-M-R-U | 1.0
Data sheets
675.4 KB