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JAI CM - C-series 1-CCD monochrome cameras

The JAI CM family is a range of compact digital progressive scan monochrome cameras that form part of the new JAI C-series. The models in the CM series use either GigE Vision or Mini-CameraLink serial communications to transfer data. They feature the same design and dimensions as the well established JAI A1 and A2 analogue cameras, making it easy to substitute the previous analogue camera with an equivalent digital version in an existing system.

The CM range is available with three different sensor sizes: 1/2", 1/3" or 1/1.8" with resolutions ranging from 659 x 494 pixels (VGA) up to 1624 x 1236 pixels (UXGA) delivering frame rates from 25fps to 90fps at full resolution. Frame rates can be increased using vertical binning, which is only possible with the monochrome version, and with partial scan.

Two models, the JAI CM-140 and CM-200 are available with the Mini CameraLink interface. This interface supports PoCL (power over CameraLink) so there is no need for a separate power supply.

In addition to the monochrome models, colour versions using Bayer mosaic filters are available as the JAI CB range.

The JAI CM cameras are ideally suited to outdoor applications due to their integrated auto-iris function which allows a wider range of lighting conditions to be tolerated.

Application examples

  • Automotive industry (e.g. inspection, high precision gauging and process monitoring)
  • Pharmaceuticals (e.g. inspection of blister packages, fill level control)
  • Beverage industry (e.g. control of fill levels or defective bottles)
  • Food industry (e.g. sorting)
  • Electronics inspection


  • Different sensor sizes : 1/3"-, 1/2"- or 1/1,8"-Progressive-Scan-CCD
  • Different resolutions from VGA to UXGA
  • Frame rates from 25 up to 90 frames/s
  • Vertical binning for higher responsivity and higher frame rates
  • Excellent image quality
  • C-mount adapter for using a wide rage of lenses
  • Opto-isolated inputs and outputs
  • GigE Vision interface, optionally Mini-CameraLink interface with "Power over CL" (PoCL)
  • Compact housing (29 x 44 x 75) mm³
  • Also available as Bayer mosaic colour version (JAI CB)