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MidOpt Accessories for Lenses

Rotating right angle mount

  • Permits viewing at 90° to the optical axis of lens and camera
  • Adapts to the front end of any camera lens
  • Orientates securely in any direction with a locking thumbscrew
  • Delivers undistorted images even at high magnification
  • Ideal for use with telecentric lenses which are often too long for tight spaces

CS mount lens enclosure

  • Protects the lens
  • Fits all CS cameras
  • Equipped with a built-in 5 mm spacer to accomodate all C-mount lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating to maximize transmission
  • Easy to clean and tamper resistant
  • Accomodates a lens up to 42.5 mm in length and 37.5 mm in width including thumbscrews

Close-up lenses (two-element close-up diopter)

  • Cost-effective way to enlarge a view through a lens
  • Threads onto the front of a lens
  • Different lenses can be threaded onto each other to increase magnification power

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Rotating Right Angle witth locking screw

  • 90° mirror
  • Usable from 16 mm focal length
  • thread M55 x 0,75