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Ricoh YF - F mount lenses for megapixel sensors

The Ricoh F mount lenses deliver high resolution, high contrast and are suitable for 5-megapixel area scan sensors and for line scan sensors with up to 7450 pixels and a pixel size of 4.7 µm. They provide optimum image quality for close-up applications and have low distortion figures of just -0.05% to +0.01% over a distance of 45mm. The resulting images are bright and evenly lit.

The lenses have a focal length of 50 mm but have been optimised for different magnifications. The standard magnifications are 0.2x and 0.35x. Beyond that, the lenses can be used for magnifications ranging from 0.15x to 0.23x or 0.28x to 0.4x respectively at user-friendly short working distances of 361 mm to 242 mm or 201 mm to 146 mm respectively.

Other features that make these lenses suitable for use in industrial environments include locking screws for focus, continuous and click-stop aperture adjustment plus a robust and compact design with a maximum diameter of 60 mm.


  • F mount lenses for line scan and area scan cameras
  • Ultra high resolution and highest contrast
  • Least distortion of only -0.05% up to +0.01% on a distance of 45mm
  • Higher light transmission for even illuminated images
  • Fixing screws for focus and iris
  • Click-Stop iris adjustment
  • Robust and compact metal housing with max. 60mm diameter

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Model Image circle (mm) Filter thread Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm) Min. pixel size @ 30% contrast (µm) Aperture
RICOH FL-YFL3528 45.0 M62 x 0.75 F-mount 190 35.0 5.83 F 2.8
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