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Perception Park - Core, Compile, Studio

Hyperspectral imaging software

The Perception Park software is a generic, configurable data processing solution enabling the industrial use of hyperspectral cameras for high speed tasks like sorting (in industries such as food processing, recycling, mining, pharmaceuticals and many more).   

The Perception Studio software is available with a compile plugin to acquire, explore and model during inline analysis.

Reasons to choose the Perception Park - Core, Compile, Studio

Quick deployment

Standardised software enables a broad user band to use the software intuitively. The Perception Park software transforms raw sensor signals into corrected, standardised hyperspectral cube data enabling the immediate operation of your hyperspectral system. Previously inaccessible applications can now be solved by application engineers thanks to the easy to use software.

A single software platform

The GigE Vision compliance enables extensive analysis with any GigE Vision compliant third-party software like CVB, facilitating a single data processing platform for various hyperspectral cameras.

Advanced scientific applications can now be solved in-house using the Perception Studio and Core for independent of third-party research services, keeping company research completely internal.

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Perception Compile for Perception Studio Dev

  • Plugin for the Perception Studio Dev which enables the setup and configuration of the ...


Perception Core RTL

  • Data processing core for hyperspectral- and chemical colour imaging
  • Is able to work as stand alone system ...


Perception Studio

  • Software suite for hyperspectral data acquisition, exploration and modelling
  • Offline analysis possible
  • Requires Windows 7 or 10 (64Bit)