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Phlox - High-Luminosity Backlights

The Phlox High Bright LED Backlights represent a new generation of backlights with enhanced MTBF and efficiency that is superior to competitive systems. Phlox technology is the result of several years of research in optics and electronics. This research has led to the filing of several international patents for this advanced ligting product.

The patented manufacturing process, combined with with the use of the highest quality components ensures that these backlight panels are optimised for the most demanding applications.

Application Examples

Phlox lighting panels have been used in many applications including being used by NASA for Liquid Crystal Display backlighting on the space station, and for a variety of machine vision situations where high light output and excellent efficiency is required.


  • Highly uniform output: up to ± 5 % on the backlight
  • High luminance: up to 50 000 cd/m2 (continuous mode)
  • Ultra slim design: down to 5mm thick (0,20")
  • Excellent light efficiency (lumen per watt)
  • Very compact and efficient day/night (NVIS) custom backlights
  • Prototypes can be produced at low cost with fast turn-around

File Topics Size
PHLOX Backlight HSC 100x100
Data sheets
150.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight HSC 200x200
Data sheets
144.6 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 100x100
Data sheets
160.0 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 150x40
Data sheets
216.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 160x120
Data sheets
195.3 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 200x200
Data sheets
173.1 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 20x20
Data sheets
153.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 300x220
Data sheets
189.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 400x200
Data sheets
192.0 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB Red 50x50
Data sheets
164.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 100x100
Data sheets
182.7 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 150x40
Data sheets
191.0 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 160x120
Data sheets
182.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 200x200
Data sheets
182.6 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 20x20
Data sheets
161.8 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 300x220
Data sheets
153.5 KB
PHLOX Backlight LLUB White 400x200
Data sheets
145.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight RGB 100x100
Data sheets
153.2 KB
PHLOX Backlight RGB 200x200
Data sheets
150.1 KB
PHLOX Backlight RGB 50x50
Data sheets
154.9 KB
PHLOX Backlight SLLUB White 50x50
Data sheets
137.9 KB
PHLOX Backlight SLLUB White100x100
Data sheets
199.9 KB
PHLOX Backlight SLLUB White150x40
Data sheets
231.0 KB
PHLOX Backlight SLLUB White160x120
Data sheets
182.5 KB
PHLOX Backlight SLLUB White200x200
Data sheets
183.1 KB
PHLOX Backlight White Paper
Data sheets
10.1 MB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 100x100
Data sheets
179.7 KB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 200x200
Data sheets
170.0 KB
PHLOX backlight LLUB IR 50x50
Data sheets
133.3 KB