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Ultra bright, long lifetime backlight

Phlox SLLUB backlights are lit by a linear array of LEDs using a light pipe structure to redirect the light to the surface of the diffuser. The CO2 laser etching process of the diffuser allows a combination of refraction and diffusion to improve backlight luminance. This allows up to 80% of the injected light to be re-emitted from the surface with a fan angle of 30°.

Thanks to mathematical modelling, Phlox backlights emit light in a deterministic and perfectly controlled manner. Equipped with the latest LED technology, the SLLUB Backlights are up to 2.5x brighter than the equivalent LLUB backlights

Reasons to select the Phlox SLLUB

Exceptional luminance and uniformity

The luminance of the light ranges from 30.000 to 60.000 cd/m², depending on the actual size. Thanks to a fan angle reduced to 30°, most of the light is directed to the camera sensor, therefore the illumination efficiency is improved. The SLLUB provides a uniformity of over 95% (+/-10%): Phlox delivers each backlight with a data and distribution chart that specifies uniformity and luminance.

Extended lifetime

The SLLUB sports an extremely long expected lifetime, with more than 100.000 hours and less than 20% luminance loss.

Several standard sizes available

Phlox offers a variety of standard sizes for the illumination: 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, 150x40 and 160x120 mm.

Minimised chromaticity shift

The chromaticity shift is smaller than 10% over the complete LED lifetime. Recalibration (white balance) of the system is therefore generally not necessary, even for colour sensitive applications.

Industry grade housing

IP65 rating permits the use in harsh environments without the need for additional housing. This reduces the costs but also allows for a more flexible integration.


  • Type: high luminance LED illumination
  • Colour: white (5000°K)
  • Uniformity: > 95% (+/-10%)
  • Lens: fan angle reduced to 30°
  • Size: 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, 150x40 or 160x120 mm
  • Protection: ultra slim housing with 8,5 mm thickness, IP65 rated

Markets and Applications

Phlox backlights are especially useful in applications requiring high uniformity, luminance and chromaticity stability over a long period as well as a high resolution. A typical application besides shape measurement is quality control of transparent objects (structure, cracks and scratches).