Machine Vision Cameras - STEMMER IMAGING


All types of camera, from area or line scan to

specialist solutions

Sony FCB-EX F-Series – High performance colour block camera

  • High-performance colour block camera with integrated lens
  • Super HAD CCD II image sensors standard definition with 670 TV lines (horizontal)
  • Extensive features, superb flexibility and easy operation
  • Extended operation temperature range from -5°C to 60°C
  • High-quality images even in dark environments and long distances
  • Built-in image and zoom stabilizer
  • Wide dynamic range with new technology: two modes for high or low-contrast environments


  • 1/4“ Super HAD CCD II image sensor
  • Resolution: 480,000 pixels up to 570,000 pixels
  • 18x, 28x or 40x optical zoom lens with auto-focus implementation
  • 12x digital zoom (216x, 336x or 480x with optical zoom)
  • Image and zoom stabilisation (except FCB-EX 2200/P)


  • Interface choice to decide between economical transmission and requirements on high quality:
    • Analog: VBS, Y/C
    • Digital: Y/Cb/Cr4:2:2 (ITU-R BT656 Style)
  • Various signal systems and output modes
  • Communication: VISCA

Markets & applications

  • Intelligent traffic monitoring
  • Security & outdoor surveillance also in underground parking lots
  • Entertainment applications
  • Logistic


  • Video Motion Detection
  • De-fog function
  • Slow AE Response
  • Various picture effects: E-flip, Nega Art, mirror image, colour enhancement
  • Advanced White Balance
  • Spherical privacy zone masking
  • Picture freeze
  • Temperature readout
  • 2D/3D noise reduction
  • Auto ICR (auto IR-cut filter removal)
  • MOD 10 mm
  • Multi-line on-screen display