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Sony XC-ST70

Sony’s XC-ST series - the monochrome XC-ST30, XC-ST50 and XC-ST70 - feature state-of-the-art developments in CCD technology and signal processing in a compact housing. The newly introduced triggering design makes it possible to define the electronic shutter via the width of an externally applied trigger. Alternatively, the shutter can be set by means of switches on the rear panel of the camera. All other camera settings can also be modified here, making camera operation extremely simple and convenient.

In addition, all three models in the series share the same dimensions, so if the user needs to switch between models, this drastically simplifies the procedure.

With an excellent image quality and good shock and vibration resistance, the SONY XC-ST series represents an ideal choice for many vision applications.


Compact monochrome camera

  • 2/3" IT CCD with micro lens
  • 752 x 582 pixels
  • CCIR video standard
  • Modifiable for pixel-synchronous operation
  • Internal or external synchronisation (HD/VD)
  • Shutter to 1/8,000s
  • S/N ratio: min. 58dB
  • Manual gain or AGC
  • Dimensions 44 x 29 x 57.5mm
  • C-mount lens connection

Please order HIROSE 12-pin connector or AT-ST tripod mounting plate separately if required
Available with the EIA video standard with the corresponding pixel count and frame rate.