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Teledyne DALSA Falcon4

Ultra High Resolution and High Speed CMOS Cameras

Teledyne DALSA’s Falcon4™ 86M incorporate CMOS sensors in both colour or monochrome with very large resolutions and fast frame rates. This enabling high speed image capture with superb spatial resolution and improved image quality. Global shuttering and correlated double sampling ensure smear free and low noise images.

These features make the Falcon4 cameras the best choices for applications like aerial imaging where throughput, resolution and high pixel capacity matter most. The Falcon4 camera is compliant with GenICam and CameraLink HS (CLHS) specifications, delivering 12 and 16 bits of data. In addition, the M95 thread opening allows for a wide choice of lenses.

Reasons to choose the Teledyne DALSA Falcon4

Overall increase in system performance

The Falcon4 incorporates CMOS sensors with very large resolutions of 86 Mpix and fast frame rates of max. 16 fps. These features lead to an improved image resolution with the same field of view or even to increase the field of view.

Global shuttering and correlated double sampling ensure smear free and low noise images, increasing the image quality.

With respect to aerial imaging, this leads to less passes to cover the same area or allows you to cover more area in a single flight.

The more hours a plane with an aerial camera can be kept in the air the better the return on investment. This reduce the time and cost of aerial mapping.

Enhanced system reliability by design

The Falcon4 features a global shutter CMOS sensor with correlated double sampling, instead of rolling shutter CMOS, full frame CCD sensors or pixel shift sensors that other high resolution cameras are using.

This removes the need for a mechanical shutter or pixel shift technology (piezo). By avoiding these moving parts, reliability and product life time increases.

Secure data transmission technology with high speed

The given high resolution of 86 Mpix and maximum frame rate of 16 fps requires a rock-solid, industry-standard interface with high data through put capability.

The Falcon4 secure reliable data transmission via CLHS interface and Trigger to Image Reliability (TIR) safeguard for the camera’s full throughput--up to 2.7 GByte/s for 16 bit image format – over a single cable. Not only does CLHS inherently provide data resend and immunity from single bit errors, the camera paired with Teledyne DALSA’s XTIUM Camera Link HS frame grabber, brings T2IR for monitoring, diagnostics, track and trace, and buffers to prevent data loss.

Superior quality as a competitve advantage

While superior product quality for high speed, high resolution systems is a competitive advantage per se, more reliable solutions also result in less service calls and maintenance.

The hardware complexity can be reduced, resulting in a design advantage and therefore a competitive advantage of an inspection solution.


  • Sensor: 86 MPix CMOS sensor with global shutter, available both as monochrome and colour model
  • Frame rate: Up to 16 fps
  • Bit depth: 10 or 12 bit selectable output
  • Lens mount: M95
  • Data transmission: CLHS interface and GenICam compliant
  • Connections: CameraLink HS (CX4), 12-Pin Hirose IO
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm x 70.5 mm

Markets and Applications

  • Aerial mapping
  • Power line monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure inspection
  • Wind turbine blade inspection
  • Defect pixel inspection of flat panel display
  • 3D Metrology

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Engineering / Technical Support

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+49 89 80902-115

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