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VisionLight ProVision - High-frequency area lights

High-frequency lighting systems have emerged as an universal tool for front illumination in the field of machine vision. They produce a flickerfree and white light and are suited for both - monochrome and colour cameras.

The area lights of the ProVision series feature a robust metal housing comprising lamps, electronics and power supply. Special internal reflectors and hinged external reflectors provide uniform illumination.

Diffusion plate with prismatic surface, soft plate with milky surface and diffusor foil are available as accessories.


  • Flickerfree high-frequency operation for machine vision
  • Uniform, shadowless lighting of large areas
  • High light density - low power consumption
  • Special reflector system for higher light intensity
  • Energy-saving lamps with low heat development
  • Compact design in robust metal housing
  • Version with constant or dimmable output
  • Light colour white
  • Diffusor foil, soft and diffusion plate available
  • High-frequency operation with 40 kHz
  • Fluorescent lamps with 55 W
  • Colour temperature 5.400 K
  • Average service life 8.000 h
  • Dimmable between 10% and 100%

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Colour white


High-frequency front light for large, shadow-free illumination

  • Compact metal housing with a special internal reflector and

additional external foldable reflectors ...