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Z-Laser ZM18-C - Lasers with diffractive optical elements (DOEs) - circle

In addition to point and line projections, a variety of other projection patterns are used for camera applications: crosses, circles, squares, point matrixes, multilines, chessboard patterns and many others. These projections are created by means of diffractive optical elements (DOEs). DOEs are based on the principle of bending light around periodic microstructures. With appropriate surface structure design, beam-shaping features such as computer- generated holograms or freeform phase functions can be implemented. In addition to standard projections such as crosses, multilines, chessboard patterns, circles and so on, we can also offer custom DOEs.

The ZM18-C diode laser is a robust laser with a circle lens. Its optics can be focused easily and very well without changing the rotation position and the laser image position.

Three different versions are available depending on the application requirements:

  • Base (B)
    The base model is characterized by its simple handling. It is easily shiftable but without intensity adjustment nor triggering.

  • Standard (S3)
    With the standard model the intensity can be adjusted. It is equipped with an analog modulation an a digital TTL trigger with a switching frequency of up to 500 kHz. This option allows to adjust the intensity and to switch the laser in short intervals.

  • High-end (H3)
    The high end model offers all characteristics of the standard models but the frequency of the TTL trigger is up to 100 kHz.

  • Digital modulation 5V (DM53)
    This model has a trigger frequency of up to 100 kHz without analogue intensity control. The power supply is 4-6V. The DM53 is the shortest laser of the ZM18 series.

All lasers are available in the colors red an infrared. The high end version is also available with a blue diode and the base version with a green diode. For each colour different wavelengths can be chosen.

There are also available different output powers. These depend on the laser wavelength and go up to 200 mW.

The Z-laser diode lasers are installed in a compact, water resistant IP67 housing. A M18 male thread for standard sensor supports and a supply voltage between 5 VDC and 30 VDC (between 4VDC and 6VDC for the DM53 version) allow a very easy integration.


  • Diode laser with diffractive optical elements (DOEs)
  • Circle lens
  • Lens very easily focused
  • Different wavelength available: red, green, blue and infrared (depending on model)
  • Output up to 200 mW depending on wavelength
  • Capable of analogue- and TTL modulation (types S and H)
  • Input voltage 5 VDC to 30 VDC or 4 VDC to 6 VDC (type DM53)
  • Robust housing with IP67 protection

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Colour green, 532nm

Z-LASER Z40M18B-F-532-5C28-V2

Z-Laser compact module - Basic

  • Diffractive optics DOE 5 concentric circles
  • Fan angle 28°
  • Changes bore sighting
  • MOD: 200 mm
  • Wavelength ...
Colour red, 635nm

Z-LASER Z3M18B-F-635-5C28-V2

Z-Laser compact module - Basic

  • Diffractive optics DOE 5 concentric circles
  • Fan angle 28°
  • Changes bore sighting
  • Wavelength 635 nm
  • Output ...

Z-LASER Z5M18B-F-635-C34-V2

Z-Laser compact module - Basic

  • Diffractive optics DOE - circle
  • Fan angle 34°
  • Changes bore sighting
  • Wavelength 635 nm
  • Diode power 5 ...


Connector for Z-LASER M18 laser

  • With fixing screws
Cabling accessories


M18 laser cable

  • M12 industrial connector
  • Shielded
  • Length 10 m
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