Machine vision: Powerful core technology


  • Family

    JAI Sweep+

    Cameras » Line scan cameras » GigE cameras

    Advanced prism based colour line scan cameras with 3 or 4 sensors for excellent colour precision.

  • Family

    JAI Spark

    Cameras » Area scan cameras » GigE cameras

    • Area scan camera with CMOS sensor
    • Offers high speed and high resolution
    • Various digital interfaces available
  • Family

    JAI Go

    Cameras » Area scan cameras » GigE cameras

    High frame rate global shutter cameras with excellent image quality for reliable inspection results. With CMOS sensors for monochrom and colour imaging and a polarisation option, there are plenty of ...

  • Family

    JAI Sweep

    Cameras » Line scan cameras

    Monochrome line scan cameras with extra large pixels for ultra high sensitivity or with small pixels for enhanced contrast in low light situations.