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Automation Technology

Automation Technology or AT for short, was founded in 1998 and is located in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. The company manufactures 3D cameras and sensors for fast three dimensional measurements based on the sheet-of-light triangulation principle.

AT's core technology combines very high-speed CMOS sensors with smart FPGA preprocessing to extract height and texture data in a laser triangulation configuration. Delivering smart features such as line tracking and multiple region readout, these cameras deliver the industry's fastest laser triangulation solution with no load on the host processor.

AT's 3D products portfolio is divided into two families both using GigE Vision interface, the CX camera series (C2, C4 and C5) and the compact sensors.

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Automation Technology C5

Fast high-resolution 3D compact sensor based on laser triangulation technology with a high degree of configuration capabilities.

AT C2 series - 3D cameras with GigE Vision interface
  • 3D data at high speed across a GigE Vision compliant interface
  • Compact ruggedized IP67 housing with M12 industrial connectors
  • Optional lens protection tube with sealing ring and anti-reflective glass shield
  • On-board pre-processing of raw image data for higher frame rates

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Automation Technology C4-1280-GigE Data sheets 1.3 MB
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Automation Technology C4-4090-GigE Data sheets 671.1 KB
Automation Technology C5 Data sheets 570.2 KB
Automation Technology C5 1280-GigE Data sheets 586.5 KB
Automation Technology C5 CS Data sheets 578.5 KB

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AT: 3D camera range extendend


Automation Technology (AT) will be presenting its new C5 camera series with ultra-high resolution 3D sensors and 17 new models of the C2-CS series at this year’s VISION show.

Accelerated 3D measurement


With their automatic AOI adaptation, the Automation Technology (AT) high speed 3D cameras offer an interesting new feature.

AT C4-2040-GigE: High Speed in 3D


Automation Technology is adding a further model to its successful C4 series of high speed 3D sensors. The C4-2040-GigE has a 2048 x 1088 pixel resolution with 66 million 3D points at a profile frequency of 32 kHz. The model C4-2040 -4M-GigE is also available with resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

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