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Schneider Kreuznach

Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH is a worldwide recognised manufacturer of high-performance lenses and filters as well as optical and mechanical components for industrial applications. The parent company is located in Bad Kreuznach/Germany with subsidiaries in Germany, Asia and the US.

More than 100 years of experience in optical design and manufacturing combined with modern production processes enable Schneider Kreuznach to offer top-quality products. Furthermore the competent expert consultation and support contribute to its customer's success.

The core competences of Schneider Kreuznach are:

  • Optical and mechanical design
  • Modern optical manufacturing incl. aspherical and cylindrical optics
  • Precision engineering
  • Application know-how
  • Hard filter coatings

With excellent optical and mechanical properties, Schneider Kreuznach products perfectly suit industrial demands.

The standard product range includes:

  • C-mount lenses for 1/1.8" to 1.3" sensor size (compact, anti-shading, high aperture)
  • Unifoc lens system (V-mount, macro)
  • Lenses for large sensors (Xenon-Sapphire, Xenon-Emerald)
  • HT industrial filters (bandpass, longpass, shortpass, UV-IR cut)
  • Standard filters (polarisers, ND, Colour)
  • LED illumination (Ultra LED)
Schneider 1.1” Xenon-Opal

C-Mount lens designed to operate with 12 MP cameras and 1.1" sensors.

Schneider Unifoc system

A versatile lens system to match many application requirements

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Reliable packaging of medicinally active ingredients


Sophisticated technology for the pharmaceutical industry and the construction of machines in this sector are among the core competences of Harro Höfliger. Machine vision systems ensure reliable quality inspections at several points in a new plant for the packaging of painkillers.

New Schneider Kreuznach filter kits and windows


The new Schneider Kreuznach filter kits offer the perfect selection of filter types for prototyping lens systems in machine vision applications. The German lens experts also launch a new window, designed to be used from 350 nm to 110 nm as protective window in many industrial and surveillance applications.

Motorised lens range extended


New motorised lenses from Qioptiq and Schneider Kreuznach, now added to the STEMMER IMAGING range, make machine integration even easier for OEMs seeking high-performance imaging for their systems. Schneider Kreuznach has developed new motorised versions of its proven C-mount industrial Cinegon, Xenoplan and Tele-Xenar lenses. Qioptiq has introduced the new Optem Fusion modular lens system to allow users to quickly and simply swap lens components to modify performance, form, and function.

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