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CMOS sensors are coming at age (en)

Contents: CMOS sensors are coming at age ++ Will CMOS replace CCD? ++ Correlated double sampling ++ Global Shutter ++ Improved shutter efficiency ++ CMOS sensor architecture ++ Sensor comparison ++ CMOS has excellent NIR sensitivity ++ Versatile and adaptable ++ JAI CMOS camera range: High performance colour line scan cameras

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 3rd/4th November 2015 in Unterschleißheim (Germany)
Presenter: Michael Lund (JAI A.S.)

CMOS sensors are coming of age and many of their shortcomings belong to the past. Today many CMOS sensors have global shutter and offer sensitivity that even surpasses CCD performance. High resolution combined with flexible read out modes is a natural ingredient and not least, the sensors can operate at high speed. For camera manufac turers like JAI, CMOS sensor technology has led to design of complete new camera families making new applications possible.