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Cooperation between Qualimatest and STEMMER IMAGING

3 avril 2013

Switzerland's leading vision integrator Qualimatest SA and STEMMER IMAGING AG will further strengthen their cooperation in the future. The agreement provides that Qualimatest directly supports those end customers from Western Switzerland who require a vision system integrator.

There has been a successfull partnership between Qualimatest and STEMMER IMAGING for a long time now. Qualimatest located in Plan-Les Ouates (GE) is a leading integrator of imaging and machine vision solutions, primarily for Western Switzerland and the neighbouring France. The company was founded 24 years ago and has extensive experience and expertise in the realisation of vision and automation systems. Several hundred successfully implemented systems for quality assurance and production monitoring prove the company’s expertise. Qualimatest customers include a renowned clientele, primarily in the watch industry, in the medical industry and in the field of automotive and railway technology. For some years now, Qualimatest uses components from STEMMER IMAGING’s product portfolio.

»Competent integration partners like Qualimatest are very important for us as key customers, because STEMMER IMAGING does neither provide turnkey systems nor integrate components into existing systems«, Claudio Sager, Managing Director at STEMMER IMAGING AG, sums up the relevance of the partnership between the two companies. »The good customer-supplier relationship in the past, the mutual understanding and the quest for synergies for the end customer encouraged us to strengthen the existing cooperation with STEMMER IMAGING«, adds Ivan Meissner, General Manager at Qualimatest. The partnership of the two companies provides for the active mediation of customer inquiries from Western Switzerland as well as the intensive cooperation in strategic projects.

Qualimatest’s potential customers include manufacturers of watches, medical devices, micro-technical components, vehicle components and railway installations who are looking for a qualified integrator for vision applications. Thanks to the close cooperation Qualimatest and STEMMER IMAGING can provide significant added value for their customers.


Puchheim, Germany

STEMMER IMAGING est une société active dans le domaine de la vision industrielle depuis 1987. Offrant une très large palette de produits et de services, l'entreprise est aujourd'hui un des plus grands fournisseurs de technologie de vision en Europe. En 1997, STEMMER IMAGING a présenté Common Vision Blox (CVB), une bibliothèque de programmation puissante pour le développement et la mise en œuvre de solutions de vision rapides et fiables, utilisée avec succès dans plus de 80 000 applications de part le monde.