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Successful CVB Technical Summit 2019 provided demos, training and application examples

28 mai 2019

More than 60 participants attended STEMMER IMAGING's second CVB Technical Summit from 22 to 23 May 2019 in Freising. The meeting provided delegates with the current status and upcoming developments of STEMMER IMAGING’s successful machine vision programming library Common Vision Blox (CVB). CVB is one of the most used software platforms in the industry.

Topics of the lectures on the first day of the event included the possibilities for rapid prototyping in CVB using the universal programming language Python and the new CVB OPC UA tool, which enables communication and the exchange of information in networked factory environments thus simplifying the integration of image processing systems in industry 4.0 architectures.

The opportunities for users arising from the trend topics embedded vision and machine learning were also demonstrated. Of particular interest to participants were the presentations on upcoming CVB tools, which will enable new options for polarization applications, hyperspectral image processing or the use of CAD data to teach objects.

This year's CVB Technical Summit once again motivated numerous users of our software platform from all over Europe to participate.
Dr. Jon Vickers, CVB-Produktmanager

The second day of the summit focused on interactive sessions in which CVB experts from STEMMER IMAGING provided participants with valuable tips on how to make the most of CVB. These sessions covered all levels of experience from beginners to advanced CVB users and provided an attractive opportunity to find out about successful solutions and to use this knowledge for their own requirements.

"This year's CVB Technical Summit once again motivated numerous users of our software platform from all over Europe to participate," says CVB Product Manager Dr. Jon Vickers. The aim of the CVB Technical Summit is to demonstrate with practical examples that CVB is the perfect basis for the rapid and reliable development and implementation of sophisticated machine vision solutions.

"The summit has established itself as an attractive opportunity for CVB developers, programmers and technically experienced decision-makers to find out about CVB's developments, exchange experiences and to benefit from STEMMER IMAGING's expert knowledge to solve their own problems," says Vickers. "We will therefore definitely organise the CVB Technical Summit again in the coming years".

CVB Image Manager
  • Plateforme pour le développement d'applications de traitement d'images
  • Environnement de programmation ouvert
  • Utilisation facile, flexibilité et haute performance
  • Moteur d'acquisition indépendant et puissant
CVB Foundation Package
  • Package performant pour Common Vision Blox
  • Solution facile à utiliser et rapide
  • Avec les principaux algorithmes de vision industrielle