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CVX Trigger boxes

The CVX TriggerBox was developed by STEMMER IMAGING to allow signals from different sources such as frame grabbers or PLCs to be processed and to provide an easy method of cleaning up imprecise or inadequate trigger signals.

Problems frequently arise when a camera is unable to process an imprecise trigger signal. As far as the camera is concerned, either no trigger is detected or triggers are only detected sporadically. In either case, this can result in the system capturing images that are not required, or images being missed completely which may then lead to error messages from the imaging system. These problems are often due to trigger signals generated by light barriers, PLC controllers or similar systems.

The CVX TriggerBox is able to process input signals from 5V DC to 24V DC which can then used to generate a clean TTL pulse as a trigger signal for the camera. The user can set whether the TriggerBox should to react to the positive or negative edge of the input trigger as desired.


Trigger box for trigger signal conditioning

  • Adjustment of the level and timing of an input signal
  • Elimination of interference
  • Input pulse: 5V DC to 24V DC (TTL or high-impedance)
  • Output trigger 5V DC (TTL/75-Ohm)
  • Edge of input trigger adjustable via switch
  • Supports trigger frequencies up to 2kHz
  • Operating voltage 8V DC to 24V DC/150mA
  • HR10A-7P-6S connector required!

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Triggerbox de conditionnement

  • Adaption du niveau et du timing du signal input
  • Réduction des interférences des signaux
  • Input 5 VDC ...
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