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JAI A1 - High-resolution monochrome cameras

The 1/2" high-resolution monochrome JAI A1 camera is part of JAI's A series. It features a 1,392 x 1,040 pixel resolution and a frame rate of 16 frames/s in a compact housing measuring just (44 x 66 x 29)mm³.

When binning and partial scan are used, the JAI A1 progressive scan camera can achieve up to 125 frames/s at a reduced resolution. The binning function has been extended in the JAI A1 and now allows users to choose between horizontal and vertical binning or a combination of the two. The JAI A1's shutter times can be adjusted in 16 steps between 1/16 s and 1/200,000 s.

Like all the camera models in the A series, the JAI A1 is also equipped with a serial RS-232 interface which permits not only the usual camera settings to be adjusted but also all modifications such as pin allocation and synchronisation signals.

The pin-out of the 12-pin Hirose connector has been adapted to the new Hirose EIA-J standard. All the necessary camera signals including the trigger are sent via a cable connection. The JAI A1 provides all the familiar trigger modes - "Edge Pre-Select", "Pulse Width Control", "Start/Stop", "Frame Delay Read Out" and "Smearless".


  • High-resolution monochrome camera with progressive scan sensor
  • 1/2" IT progressive-scan CCD
  • 1392 x 1040 pixels
  • Pixel size: 4.65µm x 4.65µm
  • Analogue video output
  • Frame rate of 16 full frames/s
  • Asynchronous full frame shutter
  • Shutter adjustable to 1/200,000 s or via shutter control input for flexible control of the integration time
  • Long term integration via external controller
  • Sensitivity approximately 0.05 Lux on the sensor
  • Pin-compatible with all general purpose cameras using a HIROSE connection
  • Pixel-synchronous operation
  • Integrated RS-232 interface
  • Software available for download
  • Dimensions (40 x 50 x 80)mm³ (W x H x L)
  • C-mount lens connection

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Model Résolution (MP) Fréquence d'image (Hz) Monture de l'objectif Résolution horizontale (Px) Résolution verticale (Px) Format du capteur
JAI A1 1,4 16 C-mount 1392 1040 1/2"
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Accessoire de fixation tripod pour camera JAI series M & A

  • C3 Series (Compact)

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Adaptateur de visee a 90° pour camera JAI A50-60-11-1

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