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Manual, general purpose, fixed focal length lenses from Tamron

Tamron lenses have been designed specifically for applications in which high quality and precision are required, for example in industrial manufacturing or machine vision.

Tamron lenses have been designed such that any optical imaging errors that could have an impact on digital image processing are corrected. The lenses benefit from a compact construction that allows them to be used in situations where space is limited. Available with focal lengths between 16mm and 50mm, this compact range covers the most frequently required image angles.


Compact fixed focal length lenses for general imaging applications with no special optical or measurement requirements. Available in focal lengths between 8mm and 75mm

  • Suitable for sensors up to 2/3"
  • Various apertures
  • Various focal distances
  • Various diameters
  • Filter thread: M25.5 x 0.5
  • C-mount camera connection
  • Available with attachable focus and aperture rings


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Model Camera mount (optics) Max. sensor size M.O.D. Aperture Focal length (mm)
TAMRON 17-HF/16 C-mount 2/3" 290 F 1.6 16
TAMRON 1A1-HB/75 C-mount 2/3" 500 F 3.9 75
TAMRON 20-HC/25 C-mount 2/3" 210 F 1.6 25
TAMRON 21-HC/50 C-mount 2/3" 440 F 2.8 50
TAMRON 219-HB/8 C-mount 2/3" 260 F 1.4 8
TAMRON 22-HA/6,5 C-mount 2/3" 1500 F 1.8 6,5
TAMRON 23FM16SP C-mount 2/3" 150 F 1.4 16
TAMRON 23FM25SP C-mount 2/3" 150 F 1.4 25
TAMRON 23FM50SP C-mount 2/3" 200 F 2.8 50
TAMRON 25-HB/12 C-mount 2/3" 260 F 1.8 12
TAMRON 35-HB/35 C-mount 2/3" 300 F 2.1 35
File Topics Size
Tamron 17HD
Data sheets
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Tamron 17HF
Data sheets
193.5 KB
Tamron 1A1HB
Data sheets
197.6 KB
Tamron 20HA
Data sheets
187.7 KB
Tamron 20HC
Data sheets
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Tamron 219HA
Data sheets
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Tamron 219HB
Data sheets
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Tamron 21HA
Data sheets
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Tamron 21HC
Data sheets
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Tamron 22HA
Data sheets
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Tamron 23FM16SP
Data sheets
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Tamron 23FM25SP
Data sheets
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Tamron 23FM50SP
Data sheets
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Tamron 25HA
Data sheets
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Tamron 25HB
Data sheets
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Tamron 35HB
Data sheets
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