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Computar TEC

Compact C-mount macro 5 megapixel lenses

The TEC lenses are the right choice if you need excellent magnification and a very compact form factor. These are made for near telecentric applications and the magnification ranges from 0.07x up to 7x.

With magnification ranges from 0.07x to 0.5x , the TEC-V7x model is perfectly suited to applications like scratch or bottle fill level inspections.


  • Sensor size: up to 2/3"-CCD and 1.1" CCD, 5MP
  • Magnification: 0.057x - 0.5x
  • Aperture: F3 to 4.3
  • MOD: 140 mm to 577.2 mm
  • Filter thread: M43 x 0.75 to M62 x 0.75
  • Camera mount: C-mount

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Optique télécentrique CCS pour capteur jusqu'à 2/3"

  • Grossissement 0,8 x
  • Résolution 8.8 µm
  • Distance de travail ...


Optique x 7 Macro Zoom faible distorsion (5 MP)

  • Pour capteur maxi 1.1" (diag = 17.4 mm)
  • Zoom Magnification ...