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Sill Optics CCD IR - IR lenses for 1000 nm to 1500 nm

  • Lenses for the wavelength range 1000 nm to 1500 nm
  • Designed for infinity
  • For use with InGaAs cameras with deeper infrared sensitivity
  • Camera mount: C-mount


  • Focal length: depending on model between 20.5 mm and 135.4 mm
  • Aperture: depending on model between F 2.0 and F 4.5

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Sill Optics CCD IR S5LPJ4552
Data sheets
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Sill Optics CCD IR S5LPJ4552-070
Data sheets
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Sill Optics CCD IR S5LPJ4552-360
Data sheets
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Sill Optics CCD IR S5LPJ9150
Data sheets
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