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Intelligent lighting - Vision technology is moving in response to expert user and application demand

A focus group of machine vision industry leaders, chaired by the VDMA, recently reported that emerging technology would influence the sector in some significant areas. These included new applications being made possible by advances in new vision technology coming to market, and an increase in machine vision users as vision technology becomes easier to use.

In this article we look at two examples of how an emerging technology, intelligent lighting, is impacting applications along the lines highlighted by the VDMA focus group:

  • “Pioneering applications through new technology” - Guaranteeing continuous light over time
  • “Attracting a wider machine vision audience” - Easy implementation of lighting control

The concept of intelligent lighting has recently been realised through the adoption of industry standard networking and collaboration from leading manufacturers of LED lighting, LED control and imaging software. It’s an important development as lighting is a fundamental foundation for optimising inspection results and efficiency with machine vision - because even the best cameras can only capture what they can detect, and the best image processing software relies on these results from the cameras. The quality of illumination consistency, intensity and resolution will therefore always have fundamental consequences for users’ applications as explained below.