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Silicon Software microEnable IV with new options

30 mars 2011

Silicon Software has reorganised the frame grabber series microEnable?IV (mE?IV) and presents software updates of the runtime and the Smart Applets user library.

Due to the extension of the product range, Silicon Software has divided the frame grabbers of the microEnable IV series based on PCI Express into a price sensitive A series, with focus on the image acquisition and pre-processing, and a programmable V series, with focus on efficient and individual functions. Both series are available with CameraLink and GigE Vision interfaces and use the same driver and software basis. This allows the user to easily exchange the products and switch interfaces. Windows and Linux in 32 and 64 bit version are supported among others.

All microEnable IV frame grabber cards are supplied with Acquisition Applets. These support robust and efficient frame grabbing and simple frame pre- processing functions that can be used to increase the image quality or correct the frame in real time without additional loading on the host CPU. The vision boards of the V series are prelicensed for Visual Applets and Smart Applets. With the Visual Applets graphic development environment for FPGA programming and Smart Applets libraries for complete and partial image processing solutions, it is possible to speed up applications without additionally straining the host CPU.

Both series have a trigger extension board for acquisition timing and external control of peripheral devices such as light sources. The V series also has an optional daughter board for expanding the available FPGA & memory.

The new series by Silicon Software offers with its product matrix a wide range of interfaces and a perfect technical and budgetary solution tailored to different applications.

DMA transfer with almost 900 MB/s

The microEnable AD-CL and VD4-CL come equipped with a high speed acquisition applet which facilitates acquisition from CameraLink cameras with a 10 tap FULL CameraLink implementation. These cameras provide a data stream of up to 850 MB/s and with Silicon Software’s DMA 900 engine it is possible to handle this data rate without any data loss, even going beyond this up to 900 MB/s. The DMA 900 technology offers the fastest data transfer for a frame grabber based on the PCIe x4 bus interface.

Extended Smart Applets offer

With Smart Applets, Silicon Software presents a new product series of application specific applets that run as hardware-based partial solutions for image processing for the V series. This product provides high-quality binarisations and segmentation amongst other image processes.

Smart Applets go beyond classic image pre-processing. They calculate complex image processing in real time and with a high algorithmic quality on the onboard FPGA.

Silicon Software microEnable 4

Cartes d'acquisition PCIe programmables pour GigE Vision

Silicon Software

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