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Optronis CamRecord CR series: Synchronisation Of Networked High Speed GigE Cameras

14 avril 2011

New control software for the range of Optronis CamRecord CR high speed cameras available from STEMMER IMAGING brings increased versatility to industrial multi-camera imaging applications. The TimeBench software not only provides the facility to synchronise multiple high speed cameras, but can also synchronise with GigE Vision cameras in the network operating at slower frame rates. This offers great potential for applications where different imaging rates are required at different points of the process.

Optronis TimeBench software allows the complete setup of all camera parameters with a simple-to use navigation slidebar, and enables image acquisition, fault detection and fault analysis. With image trigger for automatic recording, TimeBench can acquire images and sequences, analyse the video sequence and store and manage the video data.

Images can be displayed in realtime, and distance, velocity and frequency measurements can be made. Analysis results, comments and references can be documented with the high speed images.

Optronis CamRecord

Caméra CMOS à grande vitesse en versions monochrome et couleur pour la capture d'images en temps réel, équipée d'une interface Gigabit Ethernet.


Kehl, Germany

Optronis, located in Kehl/Germany, provides ultra high-speed and streak cameras that are easy to use and integrate and are ideal for capturing ultra-fast moving events of different types in scientific and industrial applications.