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Vision Technology From Airport Screening To Car Park Security

22 juillet 2011

STEMMER IMAGING will be demonstrating how vision technology can be used in a demanding range of security and surveillance applications at the Transport Security Expo. The ability to screen high volumes of people for infectious diseases using infrared imaging will be shown alongside high performance cameras for public security, surveillance and traffic imaging. Also on show will be STEMMER IMAGING’s sophisticated vehicle identification and classification system.

Transport Security Expo
13-14 September, 2011
Olympia, London, UK
See us at stand E25

ThermalSentryII is an automatic, highly-accurate, non-contact, body temperature measurement system which can be used to screen groups of people or individuals at locations such as airports, bus and railway stations for the threat of infectious diseases. Using an infrared camera to indicate elevated body temperature, the system self calibrates on every image frame using a highly accurate internal temperature reference. Temperature differences as small as 0.05?C can be distinguished.

The new CVC GE family of GigE Vision cameras have the ability to transmit images up to 100m over industry-standard Ethernet cables. With a host of features, including enhanced image stabilisation, together with a variety of optical zoom lenses ranging from 10x to an industry-leading 36x, these cameras can produce high quality images of moving objects even in challenging lighting conditions, for example in underground car parks or traffic monitoring at night (for checking registration number plates without interference from the vehicle headlights).

The ProSilica GX1910 is a high quality HD camera with a unique dedicated lens control interface which provides three-axis motorized lens control and video auto-iris functionality. This allows the camera to adapt to changing lighting or object distance conditions in demanding applications such as outdoor imaging or Intelligent Transportation Systems.

STEMMER IMAGING’s vehicle classification system allows both the class of the vehicle (motor-cycle, car, taxi, light van, bus, truck etc) to be identified as well as the vehicle make, model and colour and can be linked in with ANPR systems. It utilises a well-established image processing method, and potential applications for the systems include road tolls, traffic surveys and monitoring of secure car parks.

Allied Vision Prosilica GX - Caméras performantes, dotées d'une interface GigE Vision
  • Caméra compacte à balayage progressif CCD
  • Résolutions de 1 mégapixels à 29 mégapixels
  • Différents modes de déclenchement
  • Vitesse de transmission jusqu’à 240 Mo avec « Link Aggregation Technology » et 2 interfaces Gigabit Ethernet
Allied Vision

Stadtroda, Germany

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH développe et fabrique des caméras et des composants destinés à des applications de vision industrielle et scientifique. Grâce à ses produits innovants et à son exigence de qualité irréprochable, la société est devenue en quelques années un fournisseur leader de solutions de caméras numériques pour l'industrie et les sciences.


Puchheim, Germany

STEMMER IMAGING est une société active dans le domaine de la vision industrielle depuis 1987. Offrant une très large palette de produits et de services, l'entreprise est aujourd'hui un des plus grands fournisseurs de technologie de vision en Europe. En 1997, STEMMER IMAGING a présenté Common Vision Blox (CVB), une bibliothèque de programmation puissante pour le développement et la mise en œuvre de solutions de vision rapides et fiables, utilisée avec succès dans plus de 80 000 applications de part le monde.