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New Range Of Pan Tilt And Zoom Cameras For Videoconferencing And Training

30 mai 2012

STEMMER IMAGING is distributor for the new Sony EVI range of Pan, Tilt and Zoom colour video cameras. Available in two standard resolution (EVI-D80 and EVI-D90) and two HD (EVI-H100S and EVI-H100V) versions, these new Sony EVI cameras have been designed for applications such as videoconferencing, corporate training and distance learning. White body versions are also available for medical videoconferencing and telemedicine applications.

Full HD 1080p resolution is available with 20x optical zoom and a choice of and HD-SDI or DVI interfaces. Standard resolution versions are available with 18x optical zoom, or with Wide-D technology and a 28x optical zoom. Sony’s Wide-D technology combines progressive scanning and image processing to improve image display. The same image is captured twice: once at normal shutter speed, and again at a high shutter speed then the two images are combined to reproduce the high contrast of the original view.

All models can be desk or ceiling-mounted and offer an impressive pan angle of ±170? with pan speed of 100?/sec and tilt angle of +90?/-20? and tilt speed of 90?/sec. For ceiling mounted configurations, an electronic flip function electronically inverts the image of a tracked object as it passes under the dome to maintain the correct display. All models feature manual focus, autofocus and a ‘one-push’ autofocus function. The cameras can also be remotely controlled through RS232/RS422 and the supplied IR remote commander.


Köln, Germany

L'intérêt de STEMMER IMAGING pour la palette Sony porte principalement sur les produits industriels haut de gamme comme les caméras monochromes et couleur ou les moniteurs vidéo introduits il y a bien des années.