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Calculation of optics: mobile and easy to use

26 mai 2014

LensSensor, which was introduced in 2012, is the first app from STEMMER IMAGING for easy calculation and design of optics for machine vision system. The useful app is now available in the updated version 2.0.

Our LensSensor app for easy calculation and design of optics for machine vision systems is now available in the updated version 2.0. The tool can be used to assist in the design of optics and allows the specification of two of the three parameters, focal length, object distance and object size, and in each case the third value is then automatically calculated.

Besides the support for the optics design LensSensor allows the determination of the maximum object width and heigth, working distance and aperture angle after selecting the sensor size used. The app quickly calculates the maximum resolution which can be achieved depending on the individual configuration.

LensSensor also reliably helps machine vision users choose the most appropriate interface either by issuing a recommendation or by calculating the maximum data rate depending on the selected data type, sensor resolution and the interface used. The app is rounded off by an integrated newsfeed functionality providing the latest news from STEMMER IMAGING.

If calculation and design of optics for imaging and machine vision systems is one of your regular tasks, you should absolutely have STEMMER IMAGING’s LensSensor app avaible on your mobile device. You can download LensSensor from the Apple iTunes Store or under Download Apps in the service box on the top right!


Puchheim, Germany

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