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Machine Vision Solutions with examples in HALCON and MERLIC

The choice of components and systems for industrial imaging is vast and quite overwhelming for many users. Which components or systems should I use to secure production quality?

What details need to be considered during planning? Based on practical application examples, calculations and live demonstrations, experienced trainers explain how a complete imaging system can be planned perfectly, considering all technical and economic details.

Target Audience

People new to the machine vision domain who need to specify vision systems as well as people planning to design or use machine vision systems. No prior machine vision knowledge is required.


  • Basic information about imaging components and the application specific selection of components

    • Which lens and illumination enables a perfect recognition of defects or features to be inspected?
    • Which camera technology is best suited for the application?
    • Selection of suitable data interfaces
  • Software analysis using HALCON and MERLIC software

    • Basic overview of important imaging algorithms and their use
    • When to use intelligent cameras and when are PC based systems the better solution?
    • 2D, 3D technologies, possibilities and pitfalls


1 day

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the local training session is 495 EUR and 395 EUR for the online training (+ VAT).

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