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Foil and web inspection: Inspection with line scan bars and line scan cameras (1 day)

Inspection of long components and endless materials have their unique challenges and require specific machine vision approaches. This technical training course covers what you need to know to specify, develop and trouble-shoot continuous inspection applications.

Training: Foil and web inspection (1 day)

Applications for continuous inspection include feature and defect inspection in both print and substrates such as plastic films in the packaging industry. Detection of specks, burn marks or other defects and impurities on foils are an important while in battery cell production, metallic foil coatings need to be measured and inspected for a wide variety of surface defects.

The course focusses on the technical detail of implementing line scan camera systems and especially line scan bars which are the mainstay for this type of inspection.

Target audience

Developers and users of machine vision solutions. Basic machine vision knowledge is recommended.


  • Application areas and examples
  • Line scan camera technologies for image acquisition
  • Line scan bar fundamentals
  • Image acquisition hardware, interfaces and encoders
  • Illumination technologies for line scan applications
  • Optical basics and components for line scan cameras
  • System setup and sensor calibration
  • Software basics for defect detection
  • Troubleshooting for line scan applications


1 day

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the local training session is 495 EUR and 395 EUR for the online training (+ VAT).

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