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Line Scan Technologies and Applications (1 day)

With falling hardware prices and a significantly higher resolution than area scan cameras, line scan cameras are a great way to get an edge over the competition.

Learn with us how to use line scan cameras in applications like print validation, inspection of continuous materials, free-fall sorting or in traffic applications and use this knowledge to expand into new markets.

Training: Line Scan Technologies (1 day)

Target audience

Developers and users of machine vision solutions.
Basic machine vision knowledge is recommended.


  • Application areas and examples
  • Correct definition of a system and systematic commissioning including camera calibration
  • Camera technologies for image acquisition
  • Image acquisition hardware, interfaces and encoders
  • Illumination technologies for line scan applications
  • Optical basics and components for line scan cameras
  • Complex applications with multiple cameras
  • Software packages for implementing line scan applications
  • Error detection in line scan applications


1 day

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the local training session is 495 EUR and 395 EUR for the online training (+ VAT).

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