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Machine vision technologies for food and agriculture

It is a long journey from the field to food your plate. Many camera systems are needed to identify inspect and grade raw produce during harvesting, processing and packaging. The interdisciplinary training deals with how to approach many of requirements, for example, technologies for the detection of plastic contaminants in food, moisture measurements, seal seam inspection and precise colour measurements. Plus the latest approaches to enable organic objects be sorted and classified?

Training: Food and agriculture (1 day)

Target audience

Developers and users of machine vision solutions.
Basic machine vision knowledge is recommended.


  • Hyperspectral imaging for detection of foreign substances in food, moisture measurements, grade determination
  • Technologies for seal seam inspection
  • Accurate colour measurements
  • Use of line-scan camera technologies in packaging and sorting
  • 3D fundamentals for volume and shape determination of food products
  • Machine learning software basics for grading and classifying, finding objects and damage on raw materials and foodstuffs


1 day

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the local training session is 495 EUR and 395 EUR for the online training (+ VAT).

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