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LED dark field illumination 

By mounting LEDs on a flexible circuit board at a steep angle, it becomes possible to converge light in the centre section from a low angle. Providing direct light from a low angle to the centre section creates an image that emphasises the workpiece's surface characteristics.

The LDR-LA1 series has a compact design and a low housing height. All housings are made of aluminium, which ensures effective heat dissipation. Diffusers and polarisers are available as an option with some models. The LDR-LA1 series is a low angle illumination series and has a single row of LEDs. In a single row dark field solution, the beam radiates at 85° to 90° to the optical axis. LEDs are mounted perpendicularly on a line-shaped board and arranged in a ring facing horizontally. The LDR-LA-1 series has a housing height of only 10mm. They work most effectively at working distances of between 3 mm to 10 mm.


  • Colour: white, red, blue and green
  • Connector: standard connector, M12 and flying leads
  • Power supply: 24V
  • Dimensions: outer diameters of 75 mm up to 206 mm, inner diameters of 46 mm up to 170 mm

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